A Spring Adventure List

Inspired by Sarah von Bargen, I used to write an annual “birthday list” of new things I wanted to experience that year. They ranged from little things, like books I wanted to read or movies I wanted to watch, to bigger adventures, like taking a trapeze class or visiting a new-to-me country. Over time I fell out of the habit. Rather than fresh and fun, my birthday lists came to feel like they just added to my mountainous to-do list (that probably should’ve been a sign that I was doing too much and hurdling towards burn out, but that’s a story for another day).

I’ve been inspired by my friend Xandra and her seasonal adventure lists. Small, simple experiences to intentionally keep myself rooted in the glorious unfolding of the seasons. It’s so easy to get swept up in “business as usual” and forget what’s going on outside our windows, but the more I come to honour my own cycles and rhythms, the more I notice the influence mama nature’s cycles and rhythms have on my body and psyche. In many ways, the seasons outside and my own inner seasons have become the closest thing I have to a religion.

I’m so looking forward to creating our own seasonal traditions and rituals as a family and perhaps some of this year’s adventures will become part of our annual celebrations.

Here’s my spring adventure list for 2018 (I’ll share about my experiences over on Instagram if you want to follow along):

  • Make a floral oil infusion.
  • Take photos of Peter with the daffodils.
  • Go to a city farm.
  • Take a #wisteriawatch photo at Greenbank Park.
  • Visit the cherry blossoms at Calderstone Park.
  • Make flower crowns.
  • Pet a lamb.
  • Forage nettles.
  • Plant sunflowers.
  • Make seed bombs and let them loose in neglected patches of dirt.
  • Grow our own sprouts.
  • Try Anna Jones’s “3-Day Reset.”

What’s on your list?


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