Kitchen Magic

I’m a kitchen witch. As it is for for many of us, the kitchen is my happy place.

The alchemical magic of taking individual ingredients and transforming them into something that provides nourishment, celebration, pleasure, and healing delights me.

Ingredients chosen intuitively to conjure feelings and invoke states of being.

A pinch of rosemary for protection. A dash of cinnamon for grounding. A handful of cacao to heal the heart.

Flavours thoughtfully combined to create poetry. Nutrients carefully selected for health and replenishment.

As I chop and stir and blend I imbue each ingredient with the properties that I want this food to produce in its recipients. May these sweet potatoes increase our sense of embodiment. May this black pepper boost my feelings of security. I imagine love flooding from my heart, down my arm, and into the meal. I’m convinced you can taste the love.

The scents and flavours and textures of the food intoxicate me, soothing my mind and feeding my soul as much as they do my body.

Sometimes the simplest of rituals are the most powerful.

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