I realized today that if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you may not know that I decided to take part in The 100 Day Project this year. Which is why this blog has been resurrected from being a ghost town over the past week!

It’s a really neat yearly tradition where people commit to a creative project for 100 days and share their progress on Instagram using their own hashtag.

I’m writing #100witchymamablogs.

To be honest, I had a lot of resistance around committing to it. A few years ago I had a really gruesome experience with burn out. I was trying to do ALL THE THINGS and it left me in a bad place physically, mentally, and emotionally. In many ways, I’m still recovering from it.

Coupled with the fact that I try to honour myself as a cyclic woman, I tend to shy away from things that might push me too hard or ask me to show up the same way everyday.

But even though I’ve sworn off “the hustle,” I still want to stretch and grow and see what I’m capable of creating when I give something everything I’ve got.

Plus, for a while now I’ve been experimenting with a cyclic writing practice. Showing up to the work everyday but not putting pressure on myself to produce anything in particular. Sometimes I show up full of ideas but no real focus to bring them to life. Sometimes the words flow fast and loose. Sometimes I receive downloads that don’t feel like they’re from ME at all. Sometimes I’m a fierce editor, cleaning it all up and sculpting it into something that makes sense. It’s all valuable and that’s what harnessing the superpowers of your cycle can look like.

I’m slowly (oh-so slowly!) chipping away at writing a book about embodied living by showing up to a 10 minute writing practice everyday. That’s what feels doable in this season of my life.

But there’s so much more that I want to be writing about. That’s why I created this blog and yet it’s stood fairly empty over the past several months as I’ve struggled to prioritize it amongst everything else.

The 100 Days Project is the little push I needed to give this space some TLC and create the vision I had for it.

A little more than a week into it, I feel really good to have taken the leap. My phone is full of ideas for posts that I’ve been collecting for months and now I’m giving myself the chance to actually write them. Amidst the chaos of work and mamahood and moving house I’ve already wanted to talk myself out of posting several times. But instead I’ve shown up to the keyboard and the words have flowed pretty easily and I’ve felt excited about what I’m creating.

It feels good to be stretching myself in this way, to prove to myself that I can do big things in a way that’s sustainable. And I’m proving to myself that showing up everyday to do the work doesn’t have to mean showing up the same. Not every post has to be a prolific essay. Looking back, I probably won’t even like all of them. But however I show up and whatever I write there will be medicine in it, for me and maybe for you too.

Are you taking part in The 100 Day Project? I’d love to hear what you’re doing if you are!

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