And Then He Was One

Peter turned one last month and with it came the opportunity to celebrate our sweet boy, reflect on the momentous year that had just passed, and begin creating some birthday traditions as a family.

While putting Peter to bed the night before I recited a Waldorf birthday poem to him:
“When mama turns off the light
You’ll still be eleven-months old tonight
But from the very break of day
Before the children rise and play
Before the darkness turns to gold
Tomorrow you’ll be one-year old.”
It definitely brought a tear to my eye.
That evening I hung bunting and a photo from each of the past twelve months. I set out our celebration ring and carefully arranged his presents. I felt a bit like a kid at Christmas about it all!
Matthew and I both took his birthday off work to spend it just the three of us and then celebrated with friends and family the next day – a tradition I’d like to continue.
We had a sweet, simple day together opening presents, eating cake, going out for brunch, and playing at the park. We talked about Peter’s birth and all of the special moments of the past year and watched his OneSecondEveryday video.
Friends and family cake over for a little party the following afternoon. I made way too much food and we drank mimosas out of paper cups and Peter delighted in being the centre of attention.
Tradition and ritual are so important to me and I’m looking forward to finding ways of making birthdays even more magical as he grows up.
What do birthdays look like in your house? I’d love to hear!

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