How to Celebrate Beltane with Children

“Beltane is a celebration of the fertility and rampant potency of the life force. All of nature is growing and manifesting now in a wild whirl of creative energy. This is the time to celebrate unions of all kinds, fertility, and manifestation on many different levels, love, sexuality, and fruitfulness. It is a time to be in touch with the instinctive wild forces within and without, to be aware of the potency of the life force and its power on the physical, spiritual and mystical levels.” – Glennie Kindred

Beltane Blessings! Today the wheel of the year turns again. We’ve reached the height of spring and the pagan festival of fertility. In pagan lore, this was the night when the horned god would take the form of a wild stag and chase the fertile goddess through the woods. It might be strange to think about making a festival that was traditionally celebrated by sleeping outside and making love all night, family friendly. But of course, fertility is all around us this time of year and it certainly isn’t all about sex. It’s impossible to step outside without seeing new life springing up from sidewalk cracks and blossoming on trees.

This is a wonderful time of year to reflect on the intentions you planted at Imbolc, considering how you can nurture them and if perhaps there are any that would be best to prune away. It’s also the perfect opportunity to meditate or journal on abundance, considering what areas of your life are already abundant and fertile and what you would like to attract more of.

Here are simple rituals you could incorporate to celebrate Beltane as a family.

Wear green or make a headdress of greenery to honour the new life that is plentiful in nature right now.

Play drums together as a way to refresh your energy and the energy of your home.

Visit a labyrinth of make a simple one from twigs, stones, or greenery. Take turns walking its path as a way to quiet the mind and focus inward on what you want to create over the coming season.

Create a simple may pole to dance around (or this tiny fairy garden version is so sweet).

If you have a fairy house or door, leave out offerings to the fairies. Beltane is one of the three spirit nights when the fairy realm is meant to become visible to humans.

Read stories about fairies. We love What’s Hiding in There?, Flower Fairies of the Spring, and Pippa and Pelle in the Spring Garden.

Make simple peg doll fairies.

Light a fire. Traditionally this would be built from nine sacred trees and couples who were trying to conceive would jump over it together. But a family friendly version could be lighting a candle at the dinner table and talking about the things you want to do and grow in the coming months.

Make posies for friends and families to bless their homes with love and abundance (flower arranging is a favourite practical life activity of Peter’s right now).

Add items to your family altar or nature table. Red and white ribbons, rose petals, hawthorn flowers, red and orange crystals, eggs, and red candles would all be traditional for Beltane.

Drink rose tea – a simple ritual for nurturing your heart chakra, which is associated with Beltane, and drinking in some of the flower magic that is so potent at this time of year. You could also anoint each there with rose oil or burn a rose scented candle.

Read about baby animals and the circle of life. We love A First Book of Animals, The Tiny SeedHow Do Flowers Grow?, and Where Do Babies Come From?

Here’s a beautiful abundance ritual you can do as a family.

A simple verse to recite together:
Here’s a branch of snowy May, 
A branch the fairies gave me. 
Who would like to dance today, 
With a branch the fairies gave me?
 Dance away, dance away, 
Holding high the branch of May.

Draw pictures of The Green Man (a representation of the spirit of nature) or create depictions using natural materials you’ve gathered on a nature walk.

Talk about all of the areas of your life where there is an abundance of goodness in your lives: an abundance of fresh food in the fridge. An abundance of lovely toys to play with. An abundance of time to play. An abundance of time outside. An abundance of beautiful books to read. Cultivating gratitude is a wonderful way to increase feelings of positivity and manifest more good stuff in your life.

Craft your own flower essences. Flower essences allow you to bottle the energetic properties of a flower so that you can ingest them as a kind of energy medicine. My friend Lisa has easy instructions on her blog. Flower essences due contain alcohol but as you only consume a couple of drops at a time, they’re generally accepted to be safe for the whole family. Of course, do your own research and adhere fiercely to the wisdom of your intuition about what’s right for your family.

Make fairy soup. Collect some greenery, “weeds,” dried petals …whatever you have on hand. Go outside with a large bowl of water, a wooden spoon, and make a delightful mess.

If you like to give gifts alongside the sabbats spring flower fairies, a piece of carnelian, this sweet wooden lamb, or a flower spotter’s guide would all be sweet choices.

Do you celebrate the sabbats as a family? Do you have any Beltane rituals that you perform each year?

How to Celebrate Beltane with Children

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