Kitchen Floor Experiments: A Simple Sensory Experience for Toddlers with Ooblek

Before the days of kinetic sand and slime, my mom used to make me what she called “goo” – a simple mixture of cornstarch and water that’s fairly solid when you squeeze it and more liquid-y when you don’t.

When I shared on Instagram Stories that I’d recently made this for Peter, a few early years teachers messaged me to let me know that it’s a non-Newtonian fluid called “oobleck.” Cool, right?

Mix one part water with two parts corn starch and let the fun ensue!

We put down a big “high chair mat” that we use to keep things relatively tidy while painting and had over an hour of fun on our kitchen floor!

It brought back such strong sensory memories for me and Peter loved scooping, pouring, squeezing, poking, and generally mucking about with the oobleck.

We spent some time thinking of all the words we could to describe the goop’s texture. But with slightly older children, it would be perfect for a full science lesson.

You can keep it in the fridge in an airtight container to play with again later – you might just need to add a few more drops of water to get the consistency back.

Have you made oobleck before? What’s your favourite sensory activity to do with your child?

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