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Oof! <—— That was the sound of me falling off the Internet. And to be honest, it hurt my ego a bit as I’d just announced the #100witchymamablogs. But as in everything, I needed to honour my body, my intuition, and my cyclic nature over anything else.

Life lately has been beautiful and challenging. A true rainbow of emotions and experiences.
I definitely underestimated how ungrounding our house move would be. In the past I’ve been moving from tiny flat to tiny flat, from rental to rental, so there was (comparatively) very little unpacking to do and no DIY to speak of, and of course we’d never done it with a baby to keep alive and entertained.
There are so many gifts to being a Highly Sensitive Person (something I’ll write about another day), but my sensitivity to all of the change and upheaval was difficult to manage. Especially as it coincided with Peter going through a sleep regression. He was back to only napping in my arms and was not settling at night for more than 30 minutes unless one of us was with him – and usually only I would do. This meant that I was going to bed very early most evenings, having had no time to myself. It was incredible to realize how much my sanity had been resting upon a single Netflix show, chapter of my book, or page written in my journal.
And of course all of this made it very difficult to get client work done in a way that felt productive and easeful. I had more than one meltdown about the fact that the juggle of being a work at home mom was going to make me a miserable shell of a person (yep, I can be quite the drama queen) and I often found myself wishing we were independently wealthy so I didn’t HAVE to work.
And also that I had a magic wand to wave so that everything in the house would be “finished.”
But of course it hasn’t been all doom and gloom. There have been so many sweet, beautiful moments as well. Settling into our first true family home means creating new traditions: pastries from the bakery on a Saturday. Dance parties in the living room after dinner. And exploring our new neighbourhood has made every day feels like a mini adventure. Seeking out the most beautiful blossoms. Visiting the ponies in the park. Finding the best cafes. Life right now is like a blank canvas to paint with the rituals and dreams we want for our little family.
Slowly but surely the boxes are dwindling, the house is looking like a home, and we’ve had the opportunity to start from scratch: designing a space that feels completely like us and is truly child friendly.
When I allow myself to relax into the process and enjoy the journey, it’s a wonderful, creative experience. And of course it all comes together, one way or another. The client work gets done. The meals get made. The clothes get washed.
This week Peter has gone back into a more regular sleep pattern, giving me an hour or two in the evening, and sleeping more deeply throughout the night. Having been without this time for a while, I relish it even more deeply.
Even though it’s been a difficult chapter, it’s also been a really special one. And all of it has been an invitation to be more mindful and intentional, which is definitely a gift.
In this season of my life, I don’t think daily blogging is something that feels good. But taking up the challenge reinvigorated my commitment to this little space. Instead I’ll find 10 minutes a day to work on content so that I can post more regularly.
I’d love to know, what have you been up to? How has life felt lately?

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  1. May 17, 2018 / 11:49 am

    Ah Sarah… this post hit home SO hard. I’m in the same boat in so many ways – we have moved house twice this year already (long story) and between the teething and growth spurts of my baby, I have neglected my own online space and felt SO irrelevant and guilty for it. I have all this creative energy surging through my bones and I feel like all I do is mundane mom things. Have to keep reminding myself that while they may be mundane to me, they are big things for my baby girl. So just for this season… the blog is neglected, the bank account is a little dry, the clients are far and few between and self-care is a luxury not a necessity. Just for this season.

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