No Wonder

No wonder we attach our self-worth to external metrics.

From the moment you were born the cashier at the grocery store and old ladies we met on the bus and men we passed on the street would ask, “Is he good?” I quickly realized what they meant was, “Does he sleep through?” All of a sudden your goodness was no longer your birthright and had instead been attached to a developmental milestone that you had no control over.

No wonder we’re all suffering from comparisonitis.

Already baby groups can easily devolve into passive aggressive comments about whose child has reached which milestones first or who’s biggest or even who eats the most.

No wonder we’re so out of touch with the wisdom of our bodies.

Even now, when your instincts are so clear, a line on a chart is thought to be a better indicator of how you’re feeding and growing than the brightness of your smile, the frequency of your laughs, or the wonder in your eyes.


I know I can’t protect you from this world and all of the mixed up ideas people have.

But I promise to remind you everyday that you are enough, exactly as you are.

To teach you that your path is your own and that how anyone else is doing is never a good yardstick for your own journey.

And to help you stay in touch with the easy access to joy, free-flowing emotions, and innate knowings that are your birthright.

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