The Next #MyDayOfParenting: April 17

When I posted the idea for #MyDayOfParenting, I really wasn’t sure if it would just be me oversharing on my Instagram Stories. So when over 100 parents shared their days through near hourly updates, I was beyond thrilled.

It was everything I’d hoped for. People shared the incredible, the mundane, and everything in between. Parents updated on their days from offices, sofas, playgrounds, and bedrooms. They talked about the hard stuff and the hilarious, joyful, and just plain boring.

I know I certainly feltĀ  less alone for having taken part and I received many, many messages letting me know that others had felt bolstered by the community we created that day. New friendships were formed and “me too” moments abounded. Some people said that they were able to appreciate the little details of their day a bit more for having shared them.

Lots of us felt that we’d benefit from this becoming a regular thing, so on Tuesday 17 April I’m inviting you to share your day of parenting again!

If you didn’t take part in the campaign initially you can read all about my inspiration for it and how it works in this post.

I hope you’ll join us!

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